Layer Cake Love

Layer Cake Love

According to Saveur, layer cakes originated in the south and with “their over-the-top grandeur and unapologetic sweetness, they’re inexorably linked to the culture. The drama, excitement, and praise—they all speak to the South.” I was fortunate to grow-up in Mississippi with a mother, who is an extraordinary cook and baker and who experimented with all sorts of foods–from southern to gourmet.  Layer cakes are perfect for marking the special occasions in our lives.

Some of our favorites:

Vanilla Layer Cake with vanilla or chocolate buttercream.  Chocolate Layer Cake with vanilla buttercream or chocolate satin frosting.  Strawberry Layer cake with fresh strawberries in the cake and frosting.  Coconut Layer cake with vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream and covered in coconut.  Caramel Layer Cake with vanilla cake and caramel frosting.  Lemon Layer Cake with lemon cake and lemon buttercream or cream cheese frosting.  Carrot Layer Cake with cream cheese frosting.    Vegan Layer Cake.  I make all sorts of combinations and frequently add layers of raspberry, strawberry, peach or apricot glazes to the fillings.

Don’t forget to listen to CAKE by the B-52s when baking (or eating) your layer cake….

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