Patti Francis_Oct152010_0024After 22 years in private law practice, including 14 as a corporate partner at a mid-sized law firm in DC, I enjoy my work in counseling on end-of-life issues at End of Life Counsel.  I have also made time for another area of interest: design (interiors and color consultation, mixed media art, cake making/decorating and more).

Throughout my life, I have been interested in, and involved with, art and design.  This past year, I have been creating lots of art, including mixed media and assemblage pieces for a solo show in DC and a number of commissions for collage paintings for wedding and family portrait custom collage paintings.  You can see more of my work and work in progress here.

Working as a color consultant has also been rewarding.  I’ve specified colors for both exterior and interior home colors in DC and beyond, and I recently finished an interior design project for a lovely home in Palisades, DC, which includes fixtures, flooring, drapery, linens, fireplace and more.  You can see references and some of my work on interiors here.

Having grown-up in a foodie family, food and cooking have always been a focus for me.   Since childhood, I have been an avid baker, and this interest evolved over the years into making elaborate desserts.   Once I had children, I began incorporating more whimsical designs into cake making for parties, special events and to coincide with whatever they have been doing in school.  You will see some of the the cakes and other desserts I’ve been making since 2000 on the Cakes and Cupcakes, Cookies and Desserts pages.

From the moment I saw them over thirty years ago, I have been captivated the serpentine walls that Jefferson incorporated in the design of the grounds of the University of Virginia.   Like the serpentine walls, now my days follow a sinusoidal path that incorporates many of my interests.


Patti Francis received her JD from University of Virginia School of Law in 1988 and BA from Mississippi State University (summa cum laude) in 1984, having grown up in Amory, Mississippi. She is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and the New York Bar.  Patti is also a Certified Master Coach.



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